The Best Practices And Tips For Using Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud 

The Best Practices And Tips For Using Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud 

The Best Practices And Tips For Using Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud 

January 11, 2024 0 Comments

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Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud is a powerful platform that helps nonprofits raise funds, deliver programs, manage cases, and track outcomes. It is a built-in Salesforce solution with tools for various nonprofit needs. With Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud, you can connect with donors and beneficiaries, break data barriers between teams, and use pre-built templates and workflows, integrate your favorite tools with thousands of apps, protect your data, and gain insights.

In this blog post, I will share the latest and most effective ways to use Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud in 2024. Whether you are new or experienced with Salesforce, you will find something useful and relevant for your nonprofit goals.

Fundraising Tips

Fundraising Tips

Manage Different Types of Fundraising

Distinctive types of fundraising, like high-touch, mass-market, and online, can be created and monitored using campaigns, openings, pledges, payments, and recreating benefactions. The NPSP also permits you to customize your fundraising procedures and data model.

Follow Fundraising Operations Best Practices

Your fundraising operations, including processing gifts, managing commitments, designations, soft credits, tributes, etc, can be simplified using the NPSP tools. The NPSP Gift Entry tool helps you access and reconsider gifts in batches, the NPSP Payment Services enables you to reprocess credit card and ACH payments, and the NPSP Allocation tool lets you fix funds to particular programs or projects.

Use New and Improved Features

New and enhanced features and functionalities for fundraising in 2024, like AI-driven recommendations, benefactor segmentation, and source code tracking, can be applied using the Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud. The Einstein Opportunity Scoring characteristics help you in prioritizing your perspective grounded on their liability to contribute, the NPSP Levels feature assists you in segmenting your benefactors grounded on their paying history, and the NPSP Source Code feature permits you to monitor the origin and performance of your fundraising campaigns.

Engage and Retain Your Donors

Strong connections with your benefactors can be constructed and maintained by engaging and retaining them. The NPSP Engagement Plans characteristic supports you in creating and assigning tasks and actions for your benefactors, the NPSP Acknowledgements characteristic enables you to dispatch substantiated thank-you messages and receipts, and the NPSP Recurring Donations feature encourages and manages repeat giving.

Optimize Your Fundraising Strategy:

The fundraising strategy can increase by examining and enhancing your performance and impact. The NPSP Reports and Dashboards feature provides you with access and customization of your fundraising perceptivity using pre-constructed and ready-to-use templates, the Einstein Analytics characteristic to helps you examine and envision your fundraising data operating AI-powered dashboards and reports, and the Tableau CRM characteristic to allows you to find and explore your fundraising data using interactive and intuitive instruments.

Program Management Tips

Program Management Tips

Manage Different Types of Programs

Distinctive programs, like outcome management, case management, and volunteer management, can be handled using the Program Management Module( PMM). You can apply the PMM to discuss and measure your conclusions, produce and track your cases, and engage and retain your volunteers.

Follow Program Management Best Practices

You can enhance your program management by succeeding in the best practices, like outlining and measuring consequences, creating and monitoring cases, and engaging and retaining volunteers. You can apply the PMM Outcomes feature to set your objectives and indicators, the PMM Case Management characteristic to produce and assign cases to your employees and partners, and the PMM Volunteer Management characteristic to recruit and schedule volunteers for your occasions and activities.

Leverage New and Improved Features

Recent and enhanced features and functionalities for program management in 2024, like program builder, case timeline, and volunteer portal, can be leveraged using the Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud. You can use the PMM Program Builder characteristic to produce and customize your programs and services, the PMM Case Timeline characteristic to envision and modernize your case progress, and the PMM Volunteer Portal characteristic to enable your volunteers to access and streamline their information and preferences.

Collaborate and Communicate with Your Team and Stakeholders: 

You can utilize the Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud to unite and communicate with your company and stakeholders. You can apply the Salesforce Chatter characteristic to share updates, feedback, and ideas with your team members, the Salesforce Communities feature to produce and handle online spaces for your stakeholders, and the Salesforce Email and SMS features to transfer and receive communications and announcements.

Evaluate and Report Your Program Impact: 

A program impact can be assessed and reported using the Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud. You can apply the PMM Impact Measurement characteristic to gather and examine your program data and indicators. To enhance the reporting process, consider engaging a salesforce marketing cloud consultant who can leverage the Einstein Analytics characteristic to produce and share comprehensive dashboards and reports with your company and stakeholders. Additionally, the Tableau CRM characteristic allows for deeper exploration and discovery of your program data and insights.

Data and Analytics Tips

Data and Analytics Tips

Collect, Store, and Secure Your Data

Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud allows you to collect, store, and secure your data across your association. You can operate the Salesforce Platform to produce and handle your data objects, fields, and connections. You can also utilize the Salesforce Security features to check who can access and edit your data, like profiles, roles, authorization sets, and sharing rules.

Follow Data Quality, Governance, and Integration Best Practices

Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud champions best practices in data quality, governance, and integration. With tools like the NPSP Data Import, you can seamlessly import and update data from various sources. The NPSP Data Health feature helps maintain data integrity by addressing errors and duplicates. The NPSP Data Governance feature is invaluable for establishing and enforcing data policies. Furthermore, salesforce integration services are crucial in connecting and synchronizing your data across different systems and applications, enhancing the overall functionality of Salesforce Connect, MuleSoft, and AppExchange platforms.

Leverage New and Improved Features

Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud offers recent and advanced features and functionalities for data and analytics in 2024, like Einstein Analytics, Tableau CRM, and Nonprofit Success Pack. You can utilize Einstein Analytics to examine and envision your data using AI-powered dashboards and reports, the Tableau CRM characteristic to explore and find your data utilizing interactive and intuitive instruments, and the NPSP Reports and Dashboards feature to access and customize your data perceptivity using pre-built and ready-to-use templates.

Case Studies

Case Studies

Chesapeake Church

Chesapeake Church is a non-profit organization that offers various services and programs to diverse institutions. They used Salesforce Sales Cloud and QuickBooks to manage their financial data and reporting but struggled to coordinate and enrich their data across the two systems. They hired us to integrate Salesforce Sales Cloud and QuickBooks, automate data synchronization, and create custom data enrichment processes. As a result, they reduced their data coordination time by 50%, increased their user adoption rate to 95%, lowered their operational costs by 20%, and enhanced their decision-making and reporting capabilities. Read the full case study here:

McCall MacBain

The McCall MacBain Foundation is a non-profit organization that funds education, health, and environmental projects worldwide. They used Salesforce Sales Cloud, Slate, and Titan to manage their donor relations and grant processes, but they had difficulties in transferring data, setting up document templates, and maintaining process consistency. They hired us to integrate Salesforce Sales Cloud with Slate and Titan, automate data transfers and document template setup, and tailor Salesforce Sales Cloud to their needs. As a result, they cut their manual data transfer time by 60%, achieved a 98% data accuracy and consistency rate, increased their workflow efficiency by 30%, and boosted their donor engagement by 25%. Read the complete case study here:


Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud is a robust platform that helps nonprofits fund, deliver, and measure their impact. It is a built-in Salesforce solution with tools for fundraising, program management, case management, and outcome management. By following the tips and best practices I shared in this blog post, you can optimize your use of Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud for your nonprofit organization. You can also use the latest and advanced features and functionalities of Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud in 2024 to improve your nonprofit performance and impact.

Nee­d a hand with setting up Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud? No worrie­s at all. Feel free­ to reach out to us at any time. We have an experienced team of Salesforce Nonprofit Consultants who are always ready to assist. They’ve­ successfully helped countle­ss nonprofits from diverse sectors and all ove­r the world.

Our team utilize­s Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud to address your unique­ challenges and discover pote­ntial opportunities. We’ll guide you on how to take­ your nonprofit to new heights with Salesforce­. Why not give us a call today? Let’s make your journe­y with Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud truly rewarding.

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