Top 10 Salesforce Tips and Tricks to Boost Your Productivity in 2024

Top 10 Salesforce Tips and Tricks to Boost Your Productivity in 2024

Top 10 Salesforce Tips and Tricks to Boost Your Productivity in 2024

January 25, 2024 0 Comments

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Salesforce is the world’s leading CRM platform, with many clients and users. It has many features and functions to help you manage your customer relationships, sales processes, marketing campaigns, etc. But are you using Salesforce well? Do you know how to improve your workflow, save time, and increase your efficiency?

In this blog post, I’ll share some of the leading and dominating Salesforce tips and cool Salesforce tricks that I’ve learned from my experience and exploration. These tips and tricks will assist you to supercharge your productivity and performance in Salesforce, regardless of your level of experience, whether you are a newcomer or a professional. Let’s begin now with us!

Salesforce Tips and Tricks

1. Salesforce List Views 

To optimize your workflow in Salesforce, use list views strategically. These filters link records logically and reduce data clutter.

To create a list view, go to the relevant object tab and click the gear icon. Name and describe your view and set its visibility. Select the fields to show, and the criteria to filter by using operators like equals or contains. You can also combine logic with AND, OR, and NOT.

You can customize list views for specific purposes, such as prioritizing leads or monitoring tasks. You can also add, edit, copy, or delete views as needed. Use the dropdown menu on the object tab to access and sort your list views easily and efficiently.

2. Use Chatter for Collaboration

Chatter is a sales tool that works seamlessly with Salesforce and has many social network-like features.

You can use Chatter to create groups for different campaigns, accounts, or regions.

You can also perform tasks like creating accounts, getting expense reports, and changing orders within Chatter.

Other features include a reward and gamification system to motivate employees, posts, and topics to share insights, and file sharing to avoid email or drive clutter.

3. Use Tasks, Activities, and Emails to Improve Your Sales Process

Tasks, Activities, and Emails

You can use the tasks, activities, and email features of Salesforce to plan, execute, and track your interactions with your prospects and customers. You can also use them to collaborate with your team and stakeholders and to improve your results.

Activities: You can record the details of your customer conversations, such as date, location, time, duration, and comments. You can also see the past and future activities related to a record, such as an opportunity, account, or contact.

Tasks: You can create a to-do item for a follow-up email, meeting, or phone call with your customers. You can set a priority, a due date, and a reminder for each task. You can also mark them as completed or incomplete.

Emails: You can send emails to your customers from Salesforce. You can use the email template to write professional and personalized emails. You can also track your emails’ delivery, open, and click rates.

Tasks, activities, and emails are essential to monitor and communicate with your prospects and customers. They can help you stay organized, engage and nurture leads and customers, and achieve your goals. This is particularly useful during a Salesforce service cloud implementation.

4. Get Smart Business Insights with Salesforce Reports

Using reports in Salesforce helps you understand your business easily. You or your staff can create reports simply.

These reports help you answer important questions about your sales, such as your best sources, your closing time, and your account status. You can get quick answers and a clear view of your company’s performance by checking a Salesforce report.

Creating reports in Salesforce is easy. It’s a fast and simple way to see the most relevant info about your sales, making your business decisions smart and quick.

5. Switch to Pinned List View 

Salesforce usually shows the “Recently Viewed” List View when you open an object, which may not be helpful. You can set your favorite List View as the default with pinned lists. Pick the List View you want and click the pin icon. Click the pin icon again to change it and pick a new List View.

This is useful for viewing all records quickly. You can switch List Views easily and tailor your Salesforce experience with pinned lists. This will enhance your data navigation and management.

6. Effortless Record Updates with Inline Editing 

Inline Editing in Salesforce lets you update records quickly without the edit button. You can use this feature to edit many records at once.

To start, double-click on the fields you want to change or use checkboxes to update multiple records. If you can’t double-click for edits in the list view, ask your administrator to enable inline editing in the user interface.

7. Seamless Document Creation with Conga Composer

In the cloud-based business world, data management is vital. Conga Composer simplifies the transaction process by eliminating clumsy mail merges and manual copy-paste tasks for your sales team.

It is easy to install. With one click, you can extract the data from Salesforce, merge it into templates, and create digital documents easily. It ensures a smooth and efficient workflow, allowing your staff to focus on what is most important: closing deals.

8. Effortless Appointment Scheduling with SUMO Scheduler 

SUMO Scheduler is an integration that streamlines your planning process by simplifying appointment settings. According to Pace Productivity, salespeople spend about 25% of their time arranging phone calls & appointments. SUMO Scheduler solves this by automating these tasks, saving time.

SUMO Scheduler automates the whole process, sending available times to prospects and letting you choose their preferences quickly.

For businesses seeking seamless integration with Salesforce, we offer reliable salesforce integration services to enhance workflow and streamline processes, ensuring smooth operation and improved productivity.

9. Tailor Your Salesforce Display with Ease

Tailor Your Salesforce Display with Ease

Use the Display Density feature to change your Salesforce display. You can adjust the content density and the field label placement. Pick one of two screen layouts – Comfortable and Compact.

The Comfortable layout puts labels above fields and has more space between page elements. The Compact layout has labels next to fields and has less space between page elements.

To switch layouts, click on the profile menu in the right corner and choose the display density you like. This customization makes your Salesforce interface match your visual style and improves the user experience.

10. Streamline Workflow with Lightning’s Favorites

Lightning’s Favorite features are simple but effective tools to boost productivity. Find the star icon next to your profile picture.

It’s like bookmarking pages in your browser but in Salesforce. A click on the star adds any Salesforce page to your favorites list. It’s easy to access the pages you use most.

For faster access, click the dropdown arrow next to the star button. Your favorite records are right there. It’s like having a shortcut to the parts of Salesforce you use most, making your workflow easier and more productive.

Final Thoughts

Boost your productivity and performance on Salesforce with these tips and tricks. Use List Views, Chatter, tasks, activities, emails, Reports, and tools like Pinned List View, Inline Editing, Conga Composer, SUMO Scheduler, and Lightning’s Favorites. They help you view, access, manage, track, communicate, customize, and schedule your data easily and efficiently. They also ensure a smooth and personalized experience that helps you achieve your goals.

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