10 Amazing Salesforce Marketing Cloud Features You Need to Know

10 Amazing Salesforce Marketing Cloud Features You Need to Know

10 Amazing Salesforce Marketing Cloud Features You Need to Know

January 04, 2024 0 Comments

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Salesforce Marketing Cloud presents comprehensive tools to reform digital marketing strategies across various platforms and channels. From personalized email campaigns to customer journey mapping, each Salesforce Marketing Cloud feature helps create more meaningful, effective, and data-driven customer interactions.

Therefore, this guide provides an overview of the following Salesforce Marketing Cloud features:

  • Email Studio
  • Journey Builder
  • Social Studio
  • Advertising Studio
  • Mobile Studio
  • Web Studio
  • Analytics Builder
  • Audience Builder
  • Interaction Studio
  • Data Studio. 

So, let’s discover how these features of Salesforce Marketing Cloud can impact your digital marketing efforts.

1. Email Studio: Personalized Email Campaigns

One of the key Salesforce Marketing Cloud features, Email Studio, uses CRM data to create deeply personalized and highly effective email campaigns. Here’s why Email Studio is your go-to solution for email marketing:

  • Triggered Messages: Automate your email marketing strategy with triggered messages that respond in real-time to customer actions. 
  • Efficient Folder Management: Organize your marketing materials easily with folder management to keep your lists, templates, and content neatly sorted.
  • Content Creation Tools: Craft compelling emails with reusable content blocks, including text, HTML, images, and dynamic content. 
  • Subscriber Management: Manage your subscribers effectively, tracking essential information and segmenting them into lists or data extensions for targeted campaigns.
  • Advanced Tracking: Provide detailed tracking of opens, clicks, and other vital email campaign metrics.

Moreover, with Email Studio, you can leverage Salesforce AppExchange development to access Salesforce’s AppExchange Deliverability Partners and Return Path, enhancing your email deliverability and engagement.

2. Journey Builder: Customer Journey Mapping

Salesforce Journey Builder provides a comprehensive overview of consumer interactions across various channels, like email, mobile, and social ads. It enhances customer understanding, streamlines message creation, and automates campaigns. Its other features include:

  • Customer Journey Guidance: Uses varied data to craft personalized messages based on actions like app downloads or purchases.
  • Consistent Communication Across Channels: Seamlessly integrates with Salesforce Service, Commerce, and Sales Clouds for unified communication across sales marketing.
  • Responsive to Evolving Customer Preferences: Adapts to consumer behavior shifts for timely strategy adjustments and relevant interactions.

As one of the important Salesforce Marketing Cloud features, Journey Builder is pivotal in constructing simple and complex customer journeys that significantly improve customer satisfaction and retention.

3. Social Studio: Social Media Management

Among Salesforce Marketing Cloud features, Social Studio enables teams to create, schedule, monitor, and engage with content on various social networks. The following are the key features of Social Studio:

  • Unified Interface: Manage posts across multiple teams and regions in a single, customizable interface.
  • Real-Time Publishing and Engagement: Stay ahead with instant publishing and engage dynamically with your audience.
  • Content Performance Analytics: Gain insights into your content’s impact by network and timeframe.
  • Advanced Scheduling Tools: Plan and schedule content with a comprehensive calendar for timely and relevant posts.
  • Direct Ad Integration: Promote content directly with platforms like Meta for ad campaigns.

This one of the Salesforce Marketing Cloud features employs Roles Based Access Control for user management. Moreover, it includes topic profiles for social media searches and Einstein Vision for image analysis.

4. Advertising Studio: Targeted Ad Campaigns

Salesforce Advertising Studio allows marketers to create and deliver personalized advertising campaigns as part of customer journeys. Its key features include:

  • Integration with Salesforce Ecosystem: Syncs effortlessly with Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Sales Cloud, and Salesforce Service Cloud implementation to ensure a holistic view of customer data.
  • Personalized Advertising Campaigns: Enables creation of one-to-one, custom-tailored advertising strategies.
  • Automated Lead Transfers: Transfers leads from social media directly into Salesforce.
  • Lookalike Audience Discovery: Identifies and targets audiences similar to existing customers on social media.
  • Enhanced Customer Data Collection: Collects comprehensive data from cross-channel advertising efforts.

Moreover, Advertising Studio is a cornerstone among marketing cloud salesforce features and converts raw customer interactions into strategically targeted advertising campaigns. 

5. Mobile Studio: SMS and Push Notifications

Mobile Studio is a foundation for multichannel campaigns, providing a personalized and direct connection with your audience through their smartphones. Mobile Studio features three key modules:

  • MobileConnect (SMS):
  1. Send real-time, dynamic SMS messages.
  2. Includes outbound promotional campaigns, text responses, surveys, and options for mobile and email opt-ins.
  3. Enhance SMS functionality with personalization and tracking, similar to email.
  • MobilePush (Push Notifications):
  1. Tailor push notifications for Android and iOS apps.
  2. Utilize location as a trigger for automated messages.
  3. Seamlessly incorporate into your campaigns.
  • GroupConnect:
  1. Currently supports LINE and Facebook Messenger.
  2. Efficiently handle contact subscriptions and messaging activities.

Moreover, Mobile Studio provides exceptional automation and customization with features like SMS, push notifications, and messaging app integration, which facilitate efficient customer communication.

6. Web Studio: Dynamic Web Content

Showcasing the versatility of Salesforce Marketing Cloud features, Web Studio is expertly designed to create landing pages, microsites, and mobile apps that resonate with your audience. Its features include:

  • Personalized Landing Pages: Create dynamic landing pages.
  • Targeted Offers: Shares special deals on preselected items and offers free trials through giveaways.
  • Comprehensive Product Information: Delivers detailed insights about products and services.

With Salesforce Web Studio, you can access two versatile editors: the Classic Editor and the Content Builder Editor. The latter offers a range of layouts and incorporates content blocks and subscription options.

You can choose Salesforce Marketing Cloud Web Studio to monitor customer interactions in real-time and compile behavioral data from multiple sources. 

7. Analytics Builder: Data Analysis and Reporting

Analytics Builder provides insights into contact behaviors and interests across channels. It also helps set precise marketing goals and refine customer journeys. The following are its key features.

  • Engagement Measurement: Easily measure the engagement and performance of your email campaigns for data-driven decision-making.
  • Customizable Dashboard Views: Configure dashboard views using flexible tables, charts, and graphs for clear data visualization.
  • Behavior Tracking with ‘Collect’: Utilize ‘Collect’ to monitor contact behaviors, such as clicks and purchases, for a detailed understanding of customer interactions.
  • Predictive Behavior Models: Create targeted audiences based on predictive behavior models to boost the relevance and effectiveness of your marketing efforts.
  • Journey Tracking: Track each interaction within a journey and measure progress towards your target in a single interface within Journey Builder.

You can use all these features for insightful, customer-centric marketing campaigns. 

8. Audience Builder: Segmentation and Targeting

Audience Builder, one of the Marketing Cloud features in Salesforce, is a sophisticated platform for segmenting and targeting your subscribers. You can benefit from the following features:

  • Publishing Options: Audiences can be published in sends and other activities.
  • Segmentation and Reporting: Create segments for detailed analysis and targeting and use these for comprehensive reporting.
  • Enterprise Account Management: Manage attributes and dimensions effectively in Enterprise Accounts and support many values per dimension.
  • Administrative Control: Marketing Cloud administrators can manage user access to attributes and templates.
  • Scenarios and Operator Use Cases: Use sample scenarios and use cases to optimise the Audience Builder’s usefulness.
  • Integration with Salesforce: Publish audiences to Salesforce data extensions for enhanced data management.

Audience Builder reforms how you approach marketing campaigns as it offers flexibility, power, and efficiency to meet diverse marketing needs.

9. Interaction Studio: Real-time Customer Engagement

This Sales Force Marketing Cloud feature provides real-time customer engagement to improve customer experiences significantly. Here’s a concise overview of its key features and benefits:

  • Real-time Interaction Management: Visualize, track, and manage customer experiences in real time. 
  • Personalization through AI: The studio uses real-time multi-channel personalization and AI to interact with customers.
  • Robust Customer Data Integration: It complements Marketing Cloud’s extensive customer data, audience segmentation, and engagement platforms.
  • Comprehensive Customer Insights: Interaction Studio (Legacy) provides up-to-the-moment customer insights.
  • Data Transfer Capabilities: Facilitates easy data transfer from Marketing Cloud data extensions to Interaction Studio data stores.

Moreover, Interaction Studio also has a dedicated Help Center and specific Marketing Cloud-related assistance.

10. Data Studio: Data Sharing and Management

Among Salesforce Marketing Cloud features, Data Studio offers premier audience discovery, acquisition, and provisioning solutions. Here are the Data Studio’s key features:

  • Data Control and Governance: Data Studio provides strong data governance. Users can protect their data while efficiently provisioning it at scale to trusted partners. 
  • Data Protection: Emphasizing data security and compliance with regulations, Data Studio prioritizes protecting sensitive information.

Data Studio is renowned for hosting the world’s largest premium data ecosystem and offers unparalleled opportunities for marketers and data owners.

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What does Salesforce Marketing Cloud include?

Salesforce Marketing Cloud includes marketing tools such as Email Studio, Automation Studio, Mobile Studio, and Builders for managing customer data, content, and journeys. It also features Contact Builder, Content Builder, Analytics Builder, and Journey Builder for customer engagement.

What are the benefits of Salesforce Marketing Cloud?

Salesforce Marketing Cloud offers personalized customer engagement across multiple channels and powerful analytics for data-driven decision-making. Additionally, it streamlined marketing automation to improve campaign efficiency and effectiveness.

Is Salesforce Marketing Cloud a CDP?

Salesforce Marketing Cloud is not a traditional CDP. It’s a comprehensive digital marketing platform. Salesforce has a separate product, Salesforce CDP, specifically designed for unified customer data management and integration.

Final Thoughts:

Salesforce Marketing Cloud features, ranging from Email Studio to Data Studio, offer businesses a holistic approach to reaching, engaging, and understanding their audience like never before.

For businesses looking to leverage the power of these tools, dgt27 has Salesforce marketing cloud consultants who can customize Salesforce Marketing Cloud features to fit your specific business goals so you can maximize your Salesforce Marketing Cloud ROI.

Let Dgt27, a Salesforce consultant in New York, is here to guide you. Get a free consultation today!

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