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Salesforce Solutions

We are a Salesforce consulting partner that provides an extension of services to assist you in getting the foremost out of your Salesforce platform. Whether you like admin and support, app advancement, information relocation, integration, usage, or AppExchange app advancement, we have the mastery and experience to provide the finest results.

Admin & Support

We offer Salesforce consulting services to assist you in managing and optimizing your Salesforce framework. We will help you with client management, security settings, workflow mechanization, reports and dashboards, custom areas and objects, as well as admin and support services. We also offer progressing support and maintenance to guarantee your Salesforce framework runs seamlessly and effectively.

Salesforce App Development

We can assist you in making custom Salesforce apps that suit your specific commerce needs and objectives. We have a team of talented and certified Salesforce App Development team who can design, develop, test, and deploy Salesforce apps utilizing recent devices and innovations. We can also assist you in coordinating your Salesforce apps with other frameworks and platforms.

Salesforce Data Migration

We can assist you in migrating your information from any source to Salesforce with negligible disturbance and extreme exactness. We have a proven technique and best practices for salesforce data migration that guarantees a smooth and fruitful transition. We will also assist you in cleaning, transforming, and enhancing your information to improve its quality and convenience.

Salesforce Integration

We will assist you in interfacing your Salesforce framework with other applications and services to upgrade its usefulness and execution. We have the mastery and experience to handle complex and challenging salesforce integration projects utilizing different strategies and instruments. We can also assist you in monitoring and troubleshooting your integration processes and guarantee information security and compliance.

Salesforce Implementation

We will assist you in implementing Salesforce in your organization with a key and efficient approach. We can guide you through the whole salesforce usage lifecycle, from planning and examination, to setup and customization, to training and appropriation. We can also assist you in adjusting your Salesforce framework with your commerce processes and goals.

Salesforce Implementation

How We Implement Salesforce for Various Industries

We are a Salesforce consulting company that provides Salesforce implementation services for various businesses and sectors. Whether you belong to healthcare, education, finance, retail, or any other industry, we can assist you in executing the proper Salesforce cloud result that matches your particular trade needs and objectives. We have the experience and skill to handle any Salesforce execution project, no matter how much it is complex or challenging. Here are a few of the Salesforce cloud solutions that we can execute for you:

Salesforce Health Cloud

We help healthcare suppliers convey personalized and associated care to their patients. We can set up, arrange, and optimize Salesforce Health Cloud. A cloud-based platform that empowers healthcare suppliers to oversee patient information, facilitate care teams, engage with patients, and progress well-being results.

Salesforce Non-Profit Cloud

We enable non-profit organizations to attain their mission and vision. We execute and customize Salesforce Non-Profit Cloud to oversee benefactors, volunteers, programs, and awards. We also interface them with their supporters and beneficiaries.

Salesforce Financial Cloud

We change the financial services industry with Salesforce. We offer and coordinate Salesforce Financial Cloud to offer consistent and secure client experiences, comply with regulations, and enhance modern products and services. We also optimize their operations and development.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud

We empower marketers to make and execute personalized and data-driven promoting campaigns. We utilize Salesforce Marketing Cloud to fragment audiences, provide accurate messages, and measure execution over different channels. We offer assistance to them to understand their client’s needs.

Salesforce Commerce Cloud

We power e-commerce and digital commerce results with Salesforce. We design and deploy Salesforce Commerce Cloud to produce engaging and omnichannel shopping experiences, manage stock and orders, and optimize transformations and profit. We also help them integrate with other platforms.

Salesforce Service Cloud

We modernize customer service and support with Salesforce. To give proactive and self-service alternatives, improve customer happiness and loyalty, and address customer concerns more quickly and effectively, we deploy and adapt Salesforce Service Cloud. We also help them monitor and troubleshoot their processes.

Salesforce Experience Cloud

We create and manage digital experiences for customers, partners, and employees with Salesforce. To create branded and personalized websites, portals, communities, and mobile applications and combine them with Salesforce data and processes, we develop and manage Salesforce Experience Cloud. We also provide help to enhance their client experience.

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What We Do

Crafting Personalized and Cohesive Salesforce

Consulting with Expertise

Data-Driven Solution Enhancement

We help you improve your solutions with data-driven information and facts. We utilize advanced analytics and artificial intelligence to aid you in knowing your users, optimize your processes, and enhance your outcomes. We help you to use your data to create modern and innovative solutions that meet your business needs and objectives.

Expert Transformation

We assist you in transforming your business with expert guidance and assistance. We have a team of experienced and certified consultants who can help you plan, design, and execute your transformation projects. We also assist you in adopting and adapting to the changes and obstacles that come with transformation. We are your reliable companion in your journey to achievements.

Elevated Business Impact

We assist you in raising your commerce effect with Salesforce. We are providing Salesforce Consultancy which provides a range of services to help you get the most out of your Salesforce platform. Whether you like admin and support, app development, data migration, integration, usage, or AppExchange app development, we have the expertise and experience to deliver the best results.

Why dgt27?

Salesforce Consulting Company

We are dgt27, a Salesforce Consulting Company helping you to transform your enterprise with Salesforce. We will ensure your success and guide our work through four core values.

  • CRM Mastery

    We got a deep, comprehensive knowledge of salesforce CRM and its capabilities. We can help you use Salesforce CRM to handle client relationships, sales, marketing, and service processes. We can also help you configure and extend the Salesforce CRM to meet your needs and objectives.

  • Industry Insight

    We have a rich and diverse experience in various industries and sectors. We understand the unique challenges and opportunities that each industry faces. We can help you implement Salesforce solutions that are tailored to your industry and aligned with your business strategy.

  • Proven Excellence

    We've delivered high-quality and significant impact salesforce solutions. We adhere to Salesforce's best practices and industry norms. We also measure and enhance our execution results in information and feedback.

  • Beyond Salesforce

    We give you holistic and innovative results. We can help you integrate Salesforce with other platforms and systems, similar to the cloud, mobile, social, and analytics. We can also help you produce and manage digital experiences for your clients, partners, and workers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Salesforce consulting services are professional services that help businesses apply, customize, integrate, and optimize Salesforce results. Salesforce consultants are experts in the Salesforce platform and its products, similar to Sales Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Service Cloud, and more. They can help businesses with different aspects of Salesforce, such as strategy, design, development, testing, deployment, training, and support. Salesforce consulting services can help businesses achieve their pretensions, improve their processes, and enhance their client experience

You may need a Salesforce consultant if you desire to get the most out of your Salesforce investment, use the best practices and standards of Salesforce implementation and customization, access the modern tools and technologies of Salesforce, like AI and analytics, solve your specific business difficulties and needs with Salesforce solutions, scale your business and enhance your revenue growth with Salesforce, learn from the experience and expertise of Salesforce professionals, and save time and resources by outsourcing your Salesforce project to a trusted partner. A Salesforce consultant can assist you with Salesforce’s aspects, including strategy, design, development, testing, deployment, training, and support.

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