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Admin & Support

We are a team of experienced Salesforce consultants in NYC who can assist you with the administration and bolstering of your Salesforce platform. Whether you need to develop custom objects, fields, workflows, reports, dashboards, or user profiles, we will manage it for you. We also provide progressing support, troubleshooting, and training for your Salesforce clients.

AppExchange App Development

We can support you in developing and publishing your own AppExchange app, or initiate and customize an existing one. Our team can help you with the app design, development, security review, and packaging. We can also assist you with app marketing, distribution, and support.

Salesforce App Development

Our team can create custom Salesforce applications that meet your special business requirements. We have experience in Apex, Visualforce, Lightning, and Force.com and we adhere to the leading practices and instruments to provide high-quality and adaptable results. We can assimilate your Salesforce apps with other systems and platforms, utilizing APIs and web administrations.

Salesforce Implementation

Our team can work with you to apply Salesforce for your commerce, from planning and design to infrastructure and deployment. We can understand your business ambitions, procedures, and necessaries and customize Salesforce to suit your requirements. We also offer change management, client adoption, and testing services.

Salesforce Data Migration

Still, our team can help you with the procedure, If you wish to resettle your data from another CRM or legacy system to Salesforce. We can analyze your data caliber, structure, and quantity, and design a relocation program that minimizes breaches and time-out. Likewise, we can use a data loader and other instruments to execute the data extraction, conversion, and loading.

Salesforce Integration

Our team has the expertise and know-how to assimilate your Salesforce platform with different operations and systems, like ERP, accounting, marketing, e-commerce, etc. We can use different strategies and technologies, like REST, SOAP, middleware, and connectors, to enable flawless data exchange and synchronization.

Salesforce Implementation

How We Implement Salesforce for Various Industries

Are you searching for a professional and reliable Salesforce Consulting Service In NYC, New York? In this case, you have to approach the correct place. We are a NYC salesforce development agency that can assist you with all your salesforce requirements. Whether you need salesforce execution, customization, integration, development, or bolster, we have the solutions and the expertise to make it happen. We work with different industries and provide specialized salesforce cloud services to meet your basic requirements and difficulties. Here are some of the Salesforce Cloud services that we provide:

Health Cloud

We support healthcare organizations to increase patient care and outcomes with Salesforce Health Cloud. This cloud service helps you to associate with patients, suppliers, payers, and partners on the same platform. You can handle patient data, engage with patients across channels, coordinate care, and optimize workflows with Health Cloud.

Non-Profit Cloud

Our Non-profit associations attain their mission and make an appreciative impact with Salesforce Non-Profit Cloud. This cloud service helps you handle benefactors, volunteers, programs, and campaigns on the same stage. You can track and scale your impact, develop connections, and boost further funds with Non-Profit Cloud.

Financial Cloud

Our mission is to assist monetary services enterprises in delivering substantiated and flawless experiences to their clients with Salesforce Financial Cloud. This cloud service helps you handle records, connections, openings, and sales on the same stage. You can also use AI and analytics to gain perceptivity, automate procedures, and act with rules with Financial Cloud.

Marketing Cloud

Our marketing teams produce and apply effective campaigns across various channels with Salesforce Marketing Cloud. This cloud service helps you handle client journeys, email, social media, mobile, web, and advertising at the same stage. You can also operate AI and data to substantiate content, segment audiences, and expedient performance with Marketing Cloud.

Commerce Cloud

We support e-commerce enterprises promoting and measuring with Salesforce Commerce Cloud. This cloud service helps you produce and handle online stores, checklists, products, and upgrades at the same stage. You can also incorporate different salesforce clouds, like Service Cloud and Marketing Cloud, to give a flawless and omnichannel shopping experience to your clients.

Service Cloud

We facilitate service teams to convey faster and smarter support to their clients with Salesforce Service Cloud. This cloud service helps you handle cases, connections, knowledge, and assets at the same stage. You can also operate AI and robotization to settle issues, optimize workflows, and enhance client satisfaction with Service Cloud.

Experience Cloud

We help businesses produce and manage engaging digital experiences for their clients, partners, and workers with Salesforce Experience Cloud. This cloud service helps you make, and customize websites, portals, communities, and apps at the same stage. You can also operate data and analytics to understand and optimize customer behavior with Experience Cloud.

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What We Do

Crafting Personalized and Cohesive NYC Salesforce

Consulting with Expertise

Data-Driven Solution Enhancement

Using data-driven methods, we upgrade your Salesforce results and optimize your business results as a Salesforce consultant in NYC, New York. We can help you collect, analyze, and visualize data from various sources and utilize it to enhance your decision-making, performance, and effectiveness. We can also support you in influencing artificial intelligence and machine learning to automate and upgrade your business operations and workflows.

Expert Transformation

We can help you change your business with our expert Salesforce consulting services. We can help you align your business strategy, ambitions, and vision with your Salesforce platform and results. We can also help you adopt the best practices, norms, and methodologies to guarantee the quality and success of your Salesforce systems. We can also help you upskill your team and empower them to apply Salesforce effectively.

Elevated Business Impact

We can help you in raising your business impact with our Salesforce solutions. We can help you enhance your sales, and profit by improving your user relationships, interactions, and trust. We can help you in reducing your costs, risks, and inefficiencies by improving your functions, workflows, and systems. We can also help you in innovating and growing your company by making and delivering value-added solutions and services.

Why dgt27?

NYC Salesforce Consulting Company

We're a Salesforce consulting firm in NYC with nearly two decades of experience in CRM operation support and cloud services. We deliver results that match the industry requirements of various sectors, from finance to healthcare.

  • CRM Mastery

    We have a team of experts in CRM application support, cloud services, and consultancy. We can help you with Salesforce, including Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud, and more. We can also help you with other CRM platforms, like Microsoft Dynamics, Oracle, and SAP.

  • Industry Insight

    We've worked with 15+ sectors and we know how to drive digital change through Salesforce services. We conform results to the industry-specific requirements, similar to compliance, security, and scalability. We also aid you to work on the best practices and trends in your sector.

  • Proven Excellence

    We've earned the trust of over 80 global associations with our Salesforce consulting services. We've established trusted partnerships with them and helped them achieve their business objectives. We've high norms and much experience that set us apart.

  • Beyond Salesforce

    We're further than just Salesforce advisers. We're your strategic partners who understand your vision and objectives. We deliver results that exceed Salesforce and integrate with many systems and platforms. We also assist you to introduce and grow your business with value-added results and services.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Salesforce consultants are in high demand as Salesforce is one of the most robust and significant CRM platforms in the world. Salesforce advisers are sought after by businesses of all sizes and diligence who want to enhance their client connections, sales performance, and business effectiveness. According to Ziprecruiter, the average wage for a Salesforce adviser in the US is $126,983 per year. Some of the factors that contribute to the high demand for Salesforce advisers are:
  • The accelerating adoption of Salesforce by enterprises of all sizes and diligence, as Salesforce offers a broad range of products and features that can cater to various business requirements and objectives, like transactions, service, marketing, analytics, etc.
  • The complexity and diverseness of Salesforce systems, as Salesforce systems can involve various aspects, like execution, customization, integration, optimization, etc., and require various expertise and knowledge, like business analysis, program management, configuration, coding, sampling, etc.
  • A deficiency of expert and educated Salesforce professionals, as Salesforce is a constantly evolving and expanding platform that requires continuous learning and updating of expertise and knowledge, and there aren't enough competent and authentic Salesforce professionals to meet the growing demand.

It depends on the program and the customer’s requirements. Some Salesforce systems may demand coding, like developing custom applications, features, or integrations using Apex, Visualforce, Lightning, orForce.com. Other Salesforce programs may not want coding, like configuring and customizing Salesforce products using point-and-click tools, workflows, and formulas. A Salesforce adviser should have the expertise and knowledge to do both coding and non-coding tasks as demanded. still, coding isn't a compulsory skill for a Salesforce adviser, as some numerous certifications and tasks don't involve coding. For illustration, a Salesforce manager, a Salesforce business analyst, or a Salesforce marketer doesn't need to code, but they need to know how to use Salesforce tools and features to manage and optimize the Salesforce platform and results.

A Salesforce adviser is a strategic partner who understands both the Salesforce platform and the different business landscapes. The task of a Salesforce adviser can vary depending on the program scope and complexity, but some common responsibilities are:
  • Analyzing the business needs, operations, and difficulties of the customer and giving recommendations and results grounded on Salesforce best practices and norms. For illustration, a Salesforce adviser can help you define your business aims, conditions, and prospects for your Salesforce design, and propose a result that meets your requirements and budget.
  • Designing, configuring, and customizing Salesforce products and features to suit the customer’s special requirements and preferences. For illustration, a Salesforce adviser can help you design and configure your Salesforce platform to match your business procedures, workflows, and rules, and customize it to enhance its functionality and aspect.
  • Integrating Salesforce with other operations and systems using various techniques and technologies to enable flawless data exchange and synchronization. For illustration, a Salesforce adviser can help you integrate your Salesforce platform with other operations and systems, like ERP, account, marketing,e-commerce, etc., using various strategies and technologies, like REST, SOAP, middleware, connectors, etc
  • Testing, deploying, and preserving Salesforce results and guaranteeing their quality, performance, and security. For illustration, a Salesforce adviser can help you test your Salesforce solution for functionality, usability, compatibility, and protection, and deploy it to your product environment. A Salesforce adviser can also help you save your Salesforce result and guarantee its optimal performance, security, and trustability.
  • Providing training, bolstering, and troubleshooting to the customer and their users on how to use Salesforce effectively and efficiently. For illustration, a Salesforce adviser can help you give training, support, and troubleshooting to your Salesforce customers and supervisors, like creating training materials, conducting workshops, answering questions, resolving problems, etc.

Yes, Salesforce consulting is worth it if you desire to use the full potential of Salesforce for your company. Salesforce consulting can help you:
  • Save time and money by avoiding common pitfalls and mistakes in Salesforce implementation and management. For example, a Salesforce consultant can help you avoid data duplication, data loss, data corruption, configuration errors, integration errors, etc., that can cause delays, errors, and inefficiencies in your business operations.
  • Increase your deals, profit, and profitability by enhancing your client connections, engagement, and dedication. For illustration, a Salesforce adviser can help you use Salesforce to manage your leads, connections, accounts, openings, quotations, orders, invoices, etc., and give manifested and coherent client service and support across multiple channels and devices. 
  • Reduce your costs, pitfalls, and inefficiencies by simplifying your operations, workflows, and systems. For illustration, a Salesforce adviser can help you use Salesforce to automate your tasks, processes, and workflows, like transferring email notifications, creating tasks, streamlining records, etc., and exclude man-made and extra work. A Salesforce adviser can also help you use Salesforce to watch and measure your business performance, like using reports, dashboards, analytics, etc., and pinpoint and address any issues or breaks in your business operations.
  • Introduce and grow your business by creating and delivering value-added results and services. For illustration, a Salesforce adviser can assist you in using Salesforce to produce and launch new products, features, or services, like developing custom operations, integrations, or extensions using Apex, Visualforce, Lightning, orForce.com. A Salesforce adviser can also help you use Salesforce to explore and tap into substitute markets, segments, or channels, like AppExchange, Communities, or Social Studio.

Salesforce consulting services are professional services that help businesses apply, customize, integrate, and optimize Salesforce results. Salesforce consultants are experts in the Salesforce platform and its products, similar to Sales Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Service Cloud, and more. They can help businesses with different aspects of Salesforce, such as strategy, design, development, testing, deployment, training, and support. Salesforce consulting services can help businesses achieve their pretensions, improve their processes, and enhance their client experience

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