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Explore Our Suite of Tailored Salesforce Non-Profit Cloud Solutions

Data & Analytics

Harness insightful data with our Salesforce Non-Profit Analytics, gaining a deeper understanding of supporter behavior and enabling informed, data-driven decisions to further your cause.

Cloud Consulting

As an experienced Salesforce consulting company, we enhance Non-Profit Cloud implementations. Our consultants strategize, integrate systems, and overcome challenges, ensuring seamless adoption.

Cloud Customization

Tailoring our expertise to the Non-Profit sector, we enhance user experiences with Salesforce Non-Profit Cloud. Enhance features to match unique organizational needs, maximizing the impact of your mission-driven strategies.

Cloud Implementation

Covering donor management, volunteer engagement, and fundraising processes, our experts elevate efficiency and drive enhanced supporter experiences, unlocking new potentials.

Cloud Integration

Achieve seamless collaboration through integrations, connecting Non-Profit Cloud with data sources, applications, and communication tools, fostering streamlined Non-Profit efforts.

Cloud QA

Ensure success with dependable testing and quality assurance services. Detect potential issues early, enabling seamless Salesforce Non-Profit Cloud implementations for optimal results.

Challenges Confronting Nonprofit Organizations.

  • 1. Fundraising Data Integration
  • 2. Donor Profiling and Segmentation
  • 3. Enhancing Donor Engagement
  • 4. Transparency in Financial Reporting


  • 5. Assessment & Efficiency Tracking
  • 6. Individual Donor Impact Tracking
  • 7. Streamlining Grant Management
  • 8. Effective Volunteer Utilization

Our Process to Implement Salesforce Solutions for Nonprofit Organizations.

Discoverability:Need Analysis
Strategic Planning
Salesforce Implementation & Customization
Data Migration Services Provided
Comprehensive User Training and Support
Managed Services for Support

Solution for Nonprofit Organizations Utilizing Salesforce CRM

1. Fundraising and Payment Solutions
2. Donor Management Tools
3. Fund Accounting Integration
4. Beneficiary Tracking System
5. Integration with Third Party Services
6. Program Management Dashboard
7. Community Engagement Platform
8. Marketing Automation Features
9. Salesforce.org NPSP Integration
10. Grant Management Solutions
11. Volunteer Management System
12. Partnership Management Solutions

Success Showcased Through Case Studies With Esteemed Nonprofit Organizations.

Accelerating Donation Distribution with Salesforce

Industry: Non-Profit

This project aimed to help AMRF overcome grants discrimination by implementing automation and an easy-to-use user interface (UI) to achieve a first-come, first-served approach to grant allocation.

Salesforce Sales Cloud Implementation for McCall MacBain

Industry: Non-Profit

Implement Salesforce Sales Cloud to expertly optimize donor relationship management, streamline grant tracking, and enhance operational efficiency for the McCall MacBain Foundation, a highly prominent non-profit organization.

Integrated Salesforce Sales Cloud with QuickBooks

Industry: Non-Profit

This project focuses on integrating Salesforce Sales Cloud with QuickBooks to resolve data coordination issues and streamline data enrichment processes for Chesapeake Church, enhancing financial management and reporting efficiency.

Achieve Success with Salesforce for Nonprofit Organizations

Begin leveraging the benefits of Salesforce for nonprofit organizations by partnering with an authorized Salesforce partner. Fill out the form, and one of our consultants will reach out to you promptly.

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    Crafting Personalized and Cohesive

    Non-Profit Journeys with Expertise

    Data-Driven Non-Profit Solution

    Strategically harness the powerful capabilities of Salesforce Non-Profit Cloud to expertly optimize data for amplified supporter engagement, catalyzing substantial and sustainable Non-Profit growth and long-term organizational success.

    Expert Transformation

    Your trusted partner for delivering impactful Non-Profit experiences, showcasing proficiency in Donor Management, Volunteer Engagement, Personalization, Advanced Analytics, and Seamless Connect Solutions.

    Elevated Non-Profit Engagement

    Certified consultants expertly drive strategic supporter segmentation, utilize real-time analytics, and nurture personalized connections, profoundly enhancing satisfaction, loyalty, and the Non-Profit sector's impact.

    Why dgt27?

    Salesforce Consulting Company

    With almost two decades of experience, we excel in CRM application support and cloud services, aligning solutions with industry needs across various sectors.

    • CRM Mastery:

      With nearly two decades of experience, we excel in comprehensive CRM application support, cloud services, and consultancy. Our expertise seamlessly translates to Salesforce, encompassing Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud, and more.

    • Industry Insight:

      Across 15+ sectors, including Finance, Retail, Manufacturing, and Healthcare, we're adept at driving digital transformation through Salesforce services, aligning solutions with industry-specific needs.

    • Proven Excellence:

      Trusted by over 80 global organizations exclusively within our Salesforce Practice, our impeccable standards and profound expertise have established enduring partnerships.

    • Beyond Salesforce:

      Beyond being Salesforce experts, we fuse deep Salesforce knowledge with a keen understanding of your enterprise's strategic vision, delivering solutions that extend beyond typical service offerings.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Salesforce is the best CRM on the market for nonprofits, with a community of more than 47,000 nonprofit organizations. It is one of the first such technology platforms to specifically cater to the nonprofit sector and is the most advanced for nonprofits’ needs. Salesforce is ideal for giving nonprofits a unified view of everything they need to succeed, as well as providing powerful automation capabilities, analytics and more.

    The Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP) contains a set of tools that Salesforce has created specifically for nonprofit organizations. It provides a range of valuable functionality spanning many of a nonprofit organization’s core concerns. This includes organizing data on fundraisers, donors and other stakeholders, tracking revenue and gaining a unified view of nonprofits’ work. Many nonprofits require professional assistance with implementing and customizing NPSP, as well as additional custom functionality.

    Salesforce provides a wealth of powerful capabilities for fundraising and donation management, including deploying engaging web pages and communications, facilitating easy payments, tracking donors and donations, and much more. We can explore the possibilities with you, and how we can help you as your dgt27 nonprofit implementation partner.

    Using the Salesforce CRM, nonprofits can easily and accurately track and report on their impact. Groups of participants’ or individuals’ engagement can be visualized, and nonprofits can apply data analytics to find trends and other useful insights. Organizations can even track, measure and report on the impact of individual donations, donors or grants, in order to create personalized communications that build and nurture relationships with these stakeholders.

    Salesforce allows you to easily manage your grant processes, including applying for multiple grants simultaneously, via easy-to-follow automated steps that cover every stage. You can track deliverables, due dates and more. A Salesforce solution can also help grantees to report on spending and impact in a simple, timely and collaborative way. As your nonprofit Salesforce partner, an industry-specialist consultant from dgt27 can assist you with grant management and more.
    • 1. LinkedIn Ads - Salesforce Free Health check service
    • 2. Website Optimization - Nonprofits page
    • 3. Nonprofit network building through LinkedIn (Connecting people who clicked on our emails)
    • 4. Blogs optimization - Images should be meaningful and relatable + We can use salesforce website images in our blogs
    • 5. LinkedIn profile connectivity with dgt27
    • 6. We need to have a discussion on Nonprofit community

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