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Empowering nonprofits with our Salesforce proficiency.

Efficiently oversee grants, volunteers, members, donors, events, and programs.


Manage fundraising campaigns and track donations efficiently.

Donor Management

Track donor interactions and contributions to enhance engagement.

Grants Management

Streamline the process of managing grants and funding sources.

Volunteer Management

Coordinate volunteer activities and engagement seamlessly.

Program Management

Plan and execute nonprofit programs with ease.


Engage supporters through targeted marketing campaigns.

Reporting & Analytics

Generate insightful reports and analyze data for informed decision-making.


Seamlessly integrate NPSP with other platforms for enhanced functionality.

We are an Official Salesforce Partner with 15 Years of Proven Expertise in Salesforce Consulting for 350+ Delighted Clients.

New to Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud?

  • Receive guidance on Nonprofit Cloud
  • Implement Nonprofit Cloud
  • Transition to Nonprofit Cloud
  • Migrate content into Salesforce
  • Set up reports & analytics
  • Provide product training
  • Streamline transition processes
  • Smooth content migration
  • Optimize Cloud implementation
  • Customize reports & analytics

Enhance Existing Nonprofit Setup?

  • Customize and configure existing setup
  • Develop custom applications
  • Manage donors and grants
  • Coordinate fundraising and campaigns
  • Optimize accounting processes
  • Organize volunteers and events
  • Implement programs and case management
  • Automate tasks
  • Integrate with accounting platforms

Require a Nonprofit Salesforce Administrator?

  • Assess and configure your Salesforce
  • Manage user access and security
  • Customize page layouts
  • Create new fields and perform routine tasks
  • Handle data management and cleansing
  • Generate reports and dashboards
  • Provide training for new users
  • Offer ongoing support and maintenance
  • Automate processes using tools like
  • process builder, flow automation, etc.

Our Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud & NPSP Solutions

Fundraising & Payments

Our tailored solutions streamline fundraising and payment management within Salesforce, creating captivating donation pages for a self-service donor experience.

Donor Management

We simplify maintaining relationships with donors, supporters, and partners, providing tools for managing donations, pledges, and payments, including automated recurring donations.

Accounting Subledger Setup

Integrate Salesforce Nonprofit solutions seamlessly with your accounting software, configuring Accounting Subledger to track all revenues and expenses efficiently.

Beneficiary Management

We streamline beneficiary management, enabling efficient tracking of progress and gaining insights into the impact of your programs.

Grant Management

Extend capabilities to support grant requests, management, and reporting, enhancing the grantee experience with a branded portal for fund applications.

Event Management

Plan and execute impactful events with comprehensive tools for event registration, payments, and engagement tracking.

Volunteer Management

Our tailored solutions streamline fundraising and payment management within Salesforce, creating captivating donation pages for a self-service donor experience.

Program Management

Leverage Salesforce for Nonprofit to streamline program management, tracking engagement and service deliveries for enhanced effectiveness.

We Understand Your Problems

1. How Can We Improve Fundraising Efficiency?

Nonprofits often struggle with the complexities of fundraising and payment management. How can we establish secure and streamlined financial systems to ensure smooth operations?

2.Are We Achieving Transparency in Reporting?

Profiling and segmenting donors effectively can be tricky. Tailored communication and fundraising strategies are key to engaging donors on a personal level.

3. How Do We Effectively Profile Potential Donors?

Segmenting donors effectively poses a challenge for nonprofits. How can tailored commuication and fundraising strategies engage donors on a personal level?

4. How Can We Streamline Grant Management?

Efficient grant management is critical for success. How can we simplify processes to ensure compliance and accurate reporting, maintaining strong relationships with donors and regulatory bodies?

5.What Drives Meaningful Donor Engagement?

Sustaining donor engagement is crucial for long-term support. How can we explore innovative approaches to keep donors involved and committed to our cause?

6.How Do We Maximize Volunteer Impact?

Volunteers are invaluable assets. How can we ensure effective deployment and management through proper training and coordination, maximizing their impact on our mission?

We're Experts in Implementing and Optimizing
Nonprofit Cloud and NPSP for You

As consultants specializing in Salesforce for nonprofits, we're pleased to introduce you to Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud & Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP) —powerful solutions designed specifically for organizations like yours.

Nonprofit Cloud

Empower your organization with a centralized platform designed to efficiently manage constituents. From streamlining communication to automating processes and gaining valuable insights, Nonprofit Cloud offers a comprehensive toolkit tailored to meet the unique needs of nonprofits.

Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP)

Empower your organization with a centralized platform designed to efficiently manage constituents. From streamlining communication to automating processes and gaining valuable insights, Nonprofit Cloud offers a comprehensive toolkit tailored to meet the unique needs of nonprofits.

Achieve Success with Salesforce for Nonprofit Organizations

With Our Expertise in Salesforce Implementation

    Our Success Stories with Nonprofits

    The Project

    This project aimed to help AMRF overcome grants discrimination by implementing automation and an easy-to-use user interface (UI) to achieve a first-come, first-served approach to grant allocation.

    The Results

    Overcoming Grants Discrimination

    The implementation of automation and the "first come, first served" approach effectively eliminated grants discrimination.

    Accelerated Donation Distribution

    The project significantly accelerated the distribution of donations to NGOs, reducing the process from six months to just two weeks.

    Enhanced Transparency Initiatives

    The project's initiatives promoted greater transparency in grants allocation and overall operations, enhancing trust and accountability among stakeholders.

    The Project

    The project aims to achieve seamless integration of Salesforce Sales Cloud with Slate and Titan, a Document Management System, streamlining donor management, grant processing, and document handling for enhanced operational efficiency and accuracy.

    The Results

    Efficiency Gains

    Automated document template setup for all 51 daily time slots, eliminating errors.

    Customization Benefits

    Customized reports and dashboards provided real-time insights, resulting in a 25% increase in donor engagement.

    Improved Data Quality

    Enhanced donor and grant data visibility, leading to better decision-making.

    The Project

    This project focuses on integrating Salesforce Sales Cloud with QuickBooks to resolve data coordination issues and streamline data enrichment processes for Chesapeake Church, enhancing financial management and reporting efficiency.

    The Results

    Data Coordination

    Seamless integration between Salesforce Sales Cloud and QuickBooks, ensuring consistent and up-to-date financial data.

    Data Enrichment Benefits

    Enriched data with state, type, and volume information for institutions, enhancing the quality of records.

    Improved Decision-making

    Enhanced decision-making and reporting capabilities through streamlined data coordination.

    Trusted by Companies Worldwide

    Driving growth for global industry leaders through innovative Salesforce solutions.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Salesforce is the best CRM on the market for nonprofits, with a community of more than 47,000 nonprofit organizations. It is one of the first such technology platforms to specifically cater to the nonprofit sector and is the most advanced for nonprofits’ needs. Salesforce is ideal for giving nonprofits a unified view of everything they need to succeed, as well as providing powerful automation capabilities, analytics and more.
    The Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP) contains a set of tools that Salesforce has created specifically for nonprofit organizations. It provides a range of valuable functionality spanning many of a nonprofit organization’s core concerns. This includes organizing data on fundraisers, donors and other stakeholders, tracking revenue and gaining a unified view of nonprofits’ work. Many nonprofits require professional assistance with implementing and customizing NPSP, as well as additional custom functionality.
    Salesforce provides a wealth of powerful capabilities for fundraising and donation management, including deploying engaging web pages and communications, facilitating easy payments, tracking donors and donations, and much more. We can explore the possibilities with you, and how we can help you as your dgt27 nonprofit implementation partner.
    Using the Salesforce CRM, nonprofits can easily and accurately track and report on their impact. Groups of participants’ or individuals’ engagement can be visualized, and nonprofits can apply data analytics to find trends and other useful insights. Organizations can even track, measure and report on the impact of individual donations, donors or grants, in order to create personalized communications that build and nurture relationships with these stakeholders.
    Salesforce allows you to easily manage your grant processes, including applying for multiple grants simultaneously, via easy-to-follow automated steps that cover every stage. You can track deliverables, due dates and more. A Salesforce solution can also help grantees to report on spending and impact in a simple, timely and collaborative way. As your nonprofit Salesforce partner, an industry-specialist consultant from dgt27 can assist you with grant management and more.
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    Nonprofits can receive 10 free licenses through Salesforce's Power of Us Program. Additionally, Salesforce offers discounted or donated licenses to eligible nonprofit organizations through the Nonprofit Cloud program. However, it's important to note that while nonprofits receive significant discounts, there may still be costs associated with implementation, training, and additional features or services.

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