How Salesforce can help non-profit organizations win in the 21st-century

How Salesforce can help non-profit organizations win in the 21st-century

How Salesforce can help non-profit organizations win in the 21st-century

December 07, 2023 0 Comments

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Businesses of all sizes and sectors can communicate with customers, partners, and stakeholders more easily thanks to Salesforce. Salesforce isn’t just for businesses. It is also effective for organizations that aim to impact the world positively.

What is Salesforce, and why does the non-profit organization need it?

You can use Salesforce to manage all your data, processes, and constituent interactions in one place. Salesforce can track and manage your donors, volunteers, members, beneficiaries, campaigns, events, grants, and more. Salesforce also provides you with tools and insights to measure and improve your performance, efficiency, and impact. To ensure optimal utilization of these capabilities, engaging with Salesforce consulting services can be a strategic move to maximize your return on investment.

Non-profit organizations need Salesforce because they face many challenges in the 21st century world, such as:

  • Increasing competition for funding and resources
  • Growing expectations and demands from donors and supporters
  • Changing needs and preferences of beneficiaries and communities
  • Evolving regulations and compliance requirements
  • Rising complexity and diversity of operations and programs

Salesforce can help non-profit organizations overcome these challenges by enabling them to:

  • Increase their fundraising and revenue generation
  • Enhance their constituent engagement and loyalty
  • Deliver their services and programs more effectively and efficiently
  • Demonstrate their impact and accountability
  • Innovate and adapt to changing circumstances

Overview of Salesforce for Nonprofits

The Salesforce Nonprofit Solutions suite is tailored specifically to non-profits. It includes:

Nonprofit Cloud 

A comprehensive CRM solution that helps you manage your fundraising, programs, marketing, and engagement in one platform.

Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP) 

A set of pre-built features and best practices that extend the functionality of Nonprofit Cloud and make it easier to use for non-profits.

Philanthropy Cloud 

Supports corporate culture of giving and social impact through connecting employees, corporations, and non-profits.

Education Cloud 

It helps educational institutions and non-profits create personalized learning experiences.

Volunteer Management 

Tracks volunteers’ hours and impacts, recruits, manages, and retains them.

Grants Management 

Automate your grantmaking process and track your results.

Nonprofit AppExchange 

A marketplace of apps and solutions that are built by Salesforce consulting partners and tailored for the non-profit sector.

Features and Benefits of a Nonprofit Cloud

Salesforce for Nonprofits has a core feature called Nonprofit Cloud. It can manage your nonprofit’s entire lifecycle, from fundraising to program delivery to impact measurement. Nonprofit Cloud has these key features and benefits:


With Nonprofit Cloud, you will oversee donations, campaigns, occasions, and online giving. It’ll create focused and customized communications, request repeating donations, and computerize blessing affirmation and stewardship.

Program Management

You can utilize the Nonprofit Cloud to oversee your programs, ventures, administrations, and recipients. You will also use it to track your program exercises, results, and indications and create reports and dashboards to manage and assess your affect.

Marketing and Engagement

You will utilize the Nonprofit Cloud to form and execute your marketing and engagement procedures. With this software,  you can segment and profile your members, create and send email and SMS campaigns, and manage your website and social media as well.

Analytics and insights

The Nonprofit Cloud gives you an understanding of your execution, proficiency, and effect. As well as making and customizing your reports and dashboards, you will share them with your partners and funders.

Integration and Collaboration 

You will utilize Nonprofit Cloud to coordinate and interface with other Salesforce items and outcomes, as well as outside apps and other systems. The Salesforce community and biological system make it easy to collaborate, and communicate with your group, accomplices, and constituents.

What type of advantages can Salesforce unlock for non-profits in terms of boosting revenue, maximizing impact, and deepening engagement?

By giving the following characteristics and assets, Salesforce can offer assistance to non-profits to increment income, influence, and engagement:

Nonprofit Cloud

Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud combines the control and ability of the Salesforce Platform with the best practices of non-profit organizations. With this CRM arrangement, non-profits can oversee fundraising, marketing, programming, and grantmaking activities on a single platform. To further streamline their operations, non-profits can undertake a Salesforce service cloud implementation to enhance their service capabilities. This integration allows for better management of constituent services and support. Nonprofits can also coordinate Salesforce with other Salesforce products and solutions. Engaging with Salesforce Marketing Cloud Consultants can help organizations gain a comprehensive view by leveraging tools such as Marketing Cloud and MuleSoft.

Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP) 

Non-profit Success Pack is a free and open-source bundle that expands and improves the functionality of the Nonprofit Cloud. It could be a set of pre-configured components and highlights that are outlined to meet the specific needs and challenges of non-profits, such as overseeing givers, families, gifts, campaigns, and participations. It also gives non-profits access to a dynamic community of clients, designers, and accomplices who share their information, criticism, and bolster.

Power of Us Program 

Control of Us Program could be a program that provides qualified non-profits and instructive education free or discounted access to Salesforce products and arrangements, as well as preparing, bolstering, and assets. It could be a way for Salesforce to deliver back to the social segment and enable them to utilize innovation for good. Through the Control of Us Program, non-profits can get up to 10 free licenses of Nonprofit Cloud as well as rebates on extra licenses and other Salesforce items and arrangements. Impact Labs Impact Labs is a program that brings together non-profits, Salesforce specialists, and social entrepreneurs to co-create outcomes for a few of the foremost pressing social and environmental issues. It may be a collaborative and iterative preparation that includes recognizing any issue, planning outcomes, testing and refining it, and scaling and sharing it. Through Impact Labs, non-profits can get to the most recent innovation and development and increase their effect and reach. Philanthropy Cloud Philanthropy Cloud could be a stage that interfaces organizations, representatives, and non-profits to drive social change. It may be a way for enterprises to engage their representatives in giving and volunteering and for non-profits to grandstand their causes and openings. Through Philanthropy Cloud, non-profits can enhance their permeability and mindfulness, draw in and hold givers and volunteers, and broaden and develop their income streams.

Salesforce is not just regular software. It could be a stage for social alter and a partner for non-profit victory. By utilizing Salesforce, you will be able to change your non-profit organization and make a distinction within the world.

Start using Salesforce for Nonprofits and boost your positive change in the world

Non-profits can take benefit of Salesforce for Nonprofits’ capable and flexible CRM stage. It permits them to oversee all of their raising money, promoting, program, and grantmaking exercises on a single stage, as well as take advantage of the numerous benefits that come with the advanced time, such as technological change, artificial intelligence, information analytics, and customization. By giving them solutions and assets, such as Nonprofit Cloud, Nonprofit Success Pack, Control of Us Program, Affect Labs, and Philanthropy Cloud, it can moreover offer assistance to them in creating income, affect, and engagement.

However, implementing and using Salesforce for Nonprofits can be challenging and complex, especially for non-profits that lack the time, expertise, or budget. Hiring a Salesforce nonprofit consultant is a smart and strategic move. 

Our Salesforce nonprofit consultants can assist you with setting up, tailoring, or enhancing Salesforce for Nonprofits.

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