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Integrated Salesforce Sales Cloud with QuickBooks

This project focuses on integrating Salesforce Sales Cloud with QuickBooks to resolve data coordination issues and streamline data enrichment processes for Chesapeake Church, enhancing financial management and reporting efficiency.

Salesforce CPQ Implementation for Submittable

Implement Salesforce CPQ to streamline quoting processes and enhance sales efficiency for Submittable, a leading platform for social impact initiatives, in collaboration with dgt27, a Salesforce consulting expert.

Salesforce Sales Cloud Implementation for McCall MacBain

Implement Salesforce Sales Cloud to expertly optimize donor relationship management, streamline grant tracking, and enhance operational efficiency for the McCall MacBain Foundation, a highly prominent non-profit organization.

Accelerating Donation Distribution with Salesforce

This project aimed to help AMRF overcome grants discrimination by implementing automation and an easy-to-use user interface (UI) to achieve a first-come, first-served approach to grant allocation.

Streamlining Sales Processes and Data Management

This project aims to address Ecogy Energy’s challenges of facing issues in their sales process, resulting in a loss of precious data regarding leads and partners.

Medminder's Journey with Salesforce Health Cloud

Medminder’s innovative transformation of healthcare operations through seamless integration of Salesforce Health Cloud and Data Loader has led to significant improvements in patient care and administrative efficiency, setting a new industry standard.

Sales Cloud Integration with Shopify and Chargent Integration

Empowering 2Modern’s B2B operations, our project focused on integrating Salesforce Sales Cloud with Shopify and implementing Chargent for seamless payment processing. Addressing manual order creation and payment collection challenges.

Optimizing BloomTech's Lead Generation and Educational Experience

The objective of this project was to streamline BloomTech’s lead generation process, connect knowledge content with the right audience, integrate Salesforce solutions, Career Karma, and HotJar, and enhance collaboration.

Avocor's Transformation with Salesforce and HubSpot Integration

The objective of this project was to improve Avocor’s data visibility to measure sales campaign success, enable efficient data manipulation between Salesforce (SF) and HubSpot (HS), establish real-time syncing between SF and HS …

Revamping Marketing Strategy with Salesforce Pardot: A Transformation Journey for Defined AI

The project aimed to realign Defined AI’s marketing strategy, address issues related to Salesforce Pardot implementation, and facilitate the scaling of their campaign processes.


Empowering 2Modern’s B2B operations, our project focused on integrating Salesforce Sales Cloud with Shopify and implementing Chargent for seamless payment processing. Addressing manual order creation and payment collection challenges.

Industry: Furniture

Service Details

  • Sales cloud customization
  • Integration with Shopify
  • Chargent Integration (payment gateway solution)

The Problem

2Modern faced several challenges that impacted the efficiency and productivity of their B2B operations:

Manual B2B Order Creation

Users were required to create B2B orders in Shopify manually, leading to time-consuming and error-prone processes.

Manual Payment Collection

The collection of payments from B2B customers was a manual and time-consuming process, resulting in delays and potential payment inaccuracies.

The Challenges

In B2B, 2Modern tackled challenges by integrating Salesforce with Shopify for streamlined order creation, automating payments, and customizing Salesforce. The focus was on minimizing disruptions and addressing potential errors in manual payment collection, leading to a comprehensive strategy for operational optimization.

Streamlining the B2B order creation process by integrating Salesforce Sales Cloud with Shopify.

Automating payment collection and reconciliation to ensure accuracy and efficiency.

Minimizing disruptions during the integration process.

Customizing Salesforce Sales Cloud to meet the specific requirements of 2Modern.

Addressing payment-related inefficiencies and potential errors associated with manual collection.

The Solution

dgt27 optimized 2Modern’s B2B operations by integrating Salesforce Sales Cloud with Shopify, automating order creation, and reducing manual errors.

Salesforce Sales Cloud Integration with Shopify

  • Implement a seamless integration between Salesforce Sales Cloud and Shopify to streamline B2B order creation.
  • Automate the transfer of B2B order data to eliminate manual entry and reduce the risk of errors.

Seamless Payment Gateway Solution with Chargent

  • Integrate Chargent, a payment gateway solution, with Salesforce to automate payment collection and reconciliation.
  • Configure Chargent to accept various payment methods and ensure payment accuracy.

Customization of Salesforce Sales Cloud

  • Customize Salesforce objects, fields, and workflows to align with 2Modern’s specific B2B processes.
  • Develop custom reports and dashboards for real-time visibility into B2B order status and payment transactions.

The Results


User adoption rate, our approach prioritized training and ongoing support, ensuring a seamless integration experience for all stakeholders.


Reduction in operational costs, our success lies in the implementation of process automation and streamlined workflows, paving the way for a more cost-efficient operational framework.


Improvement in workflow efficiency, our efforts successfully reduced process bottlenecks, creating a more streamlined and agile operational environment.

Efficiency Gains

Our interventions led to a 50% reduction in manual B2B order creation time, streamlining processes.

Automated payment

Automated payment collection and reconciliation eliminated delays and errors, enhancing operational efficiency.

Improved Accuracy

Enhanced visibility into order status and payment transactions for better decision-making.

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